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Silence Tantrums

Do you have a child who is “bouncing off the walls?”

Does you child’s teacher send notes home regarding disruptive behavior at school?

Have you ever been told your child is “hyper,” “bad,” or “out of control?”

Has your child’s behavior caused problems at home or impacted relationships with siblings?

Has your child’s behavior impacted your work performance?

Does your child have difficulty focusing or staying on task?

Sonya Bell

I am Sonya Bell, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, also known as “The Tantrum Healer.” As a mom of a son diagnosed with autism and a daughter diagnosed with ADHD, learning disorders and neurological delays, I have experienced awful tantrums, disruptive behaviors at school and home, hyperactivity, poor focusing, trouble staying on task, being easily distracted and more.

I have implemented a proven system that does not involve synthetic medications or harmful chemicals. I teach parents and teachers how to “silence the tantrums.”

Change the Nutrition. Change the Behavior.

In this workshop, you will learn:


What causes and/or triggers hyperactivity


What is



Chemicals in foods

that are harmful

sad female

Which foods harm

the brain

healthy brain

Which foods strengthen and support brain health


Alternative solutions to support neurological development

food label

How to recognize harmful ingredients on food labels

healthy food


food options

Sign up for my upcoming workshop on January 23rd!

Past Workshops

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